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"The aster
has flowered, its
pale purple
like the color of smoke
rising from my reveries.
A flock of crows
utterly motionless
turn into pieces
of charcoal, as the flames
from the falling sun subside."

— Yosano Akiko

The Composition

Costus root, Siam wood, Hinoki, Smoldering paper, Cardamom

Sillage: Moderate
Longevity: 4-10 hours

The Bottle

Our heavy flint glass bottles are produced in France by a family-owned glassmaker in operation since 1897.

The Packaging

All our packaging is manufactured and printed in the USA by independent family-owned and operated firms.

Matière Première

In French, matière première, or first material, is natural raw material, called so because it is the starting point for a fragrance, but above all because it is essential, primordial. All Apoteker Tepe fragrances begin with rare and unusual matières premières individually sourced from small-batch and sustainable producers all over the world.

Karasu contains:
Costus Root CO2, India
Hinoki Wood, Japan
Gaharu Buaya, Indonesia