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A Week of Mondays: In the Studio with Jennifer Fiore and Nina Lalli

Nina Lalli preps porcelain bowls destined for Blue Hill at Stone Barns, where Mondays provides custom-made tableware.

We are Jennifer Fiore and Nina Lalli, two friends who met in a Monday night ceramics class and shared an immediate obsession with clay. Every MONDAYS product is made by hand in our Brooklyn studio, and no two are exactly identical. There might be slight "imperfections" that one would not find in machine-made ceramics. We hope you love the unique character of these details as much as we do.

Nina and Jennifer Fiore discuss a recent glaze trial.

Growing up in the English countryside, Northover was surrounded by creativity and a family that found joy in aesthetics. She began working with ceramics at an early age but also experimented with a range of media. Her interest in moving images and installation-based work deepened during her studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. “The experience there was very intense,” Northover says. “My work got very conceptual. My work has always had a lot to do with space, and ceramics does, too.” After earning a degree in fine art, Northover worked for several fashion designers and continued creating video art, exhibiting her work across Europe.

Northover seeks to imbue each piece with a personal quality, something that the handmade object’s future owner will connect with. “It has a lot to do with textile quality. It translates into something slightly off that you can develop a relationship with,” she says. “That’s something special about ceramics. It grows with you. And there’s something peaceful about making bowls. It’s something that’s functional. It has that human experience.”

My work is very emotional. There is no direct reference you can see; it’s more of a feeling.
Romy Northover

Jennifer finishes hand-built bowls, ready for the kiln.
Jennifer Fiore loads the Mondays kiln with a new firing.
A rack of hand-built plates and bowls in the kiln.